About Us

We’re on a mission to provide our clients with the best possible value we can across their entire project. Not just with our fees.

We don’t just design the structural members shown on your Architect’s drawings and leave you to it.

We start by exploring a range of potential structural solutions to consider:

  • how well they deliver on your dream,
  • how practical, safe and quick they are to build,
  • what impact our designs have on the planet
  • what temporary works will be required for each,
  • and what the relative cost of each will be to you.

Only once we’ve agreed on a solution you’re happy with from a cost, practicality and design point of view will we put pen to paper and finalise your design.

We’ll then work with you, your builder and your architect to anticipate any potential problems on site to help the build go as quickly and smoothly as it can.

We also realise that things change as building projects develop so our fee is based on providing a service which is comprehensive but which allows you some flexibility.

Our Team

Jon & Alex are involved in all  our ongoing design projects. They bring a wealth of experience and attention to detail to every job.

Jon Carr

Jon Carr Structural Engineer Sheffield Chesterfield

Jon’s a highly experienced structural engineer who enjoys working closely and creatively with the rest of the design team.

He’s been a Chartered Engineer for over 25 years. In that time he’s worked on huge variety of different [and often challenging] buildings. He now splits his time between practice and imparting his knowledge onto the next generation of engineers at the University of Sheffield. He’s also a co-author of the book Conceptual Design of Buildings.

Jon’s an avid traveler and enjoys exploring the world whenever he can. Make sure you ask him where he’s off to next…

Alex Finch

Alex has both an architectural and structural background having studied both at University.  Since then he’s been honing his skills as a Structural Engineer but making good use of his architectural sensibilities across a range of interesting and unusual projects.

In his free time he enjoys a nice, long bike ride. His legs are slowly getting used to the Sheffield hills having spent many years in London.


If you’re looking to collaborate with us on an interesting project then get in touch…

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